Everybody loves the Powerboat Raft Up! What’s better than heading out to Sunset Key and tie up with your buddies, blast music, and grab some drinks as you relax on the water? There was a great turnout of boats this year as we made our way through the various anchored yachts to the beach where everyone was hanging out. The weather was warm despite the clouds so everyone was jumping in and out of the water having a blast. Powerboat Nation was on hand in our 38 Cigarette throwing out PBN and Gone Again Skater Shirts. We didn’t even venture near Boca Grande as in years past as due to increased law enforcement and a over zealous economy killing environmental push. This year was a success at Sunset Keys and the shallow water made for perfect wading around with a drink in hand.

Cigarettes, Skaters, Sunsations, DCB’s¬†you name it! Everyone in attendance had their boats looking super sharp. With music blaring over the sound of revving engines and boats continuing to slowly trickle in, the raft up steadily grew larger as we circled around boats snapping pictures and video of everyone dancing and having one heck of a good time. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Raft up and can’t wait to see where we’ll be headed!

Key West is always the biggest and very best performance powerboating event in the country.