Second Mystic C3800 Painted and Being Rigged

Second Mystic C3800 Painted and Being Rigged

Slug Hefner’s Dirty Duck, the first Mystic C3800 out of the mold, is about to get a little sister.

Dirty Duck, delivered to Hefner earlier this year and recently displayed at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show—and part of Mystic’s fleet attending the Key West Offshore World Finals—was built as the “Mini Me” to Hefner’s 50′ Mystic of the same name, delivered a couple of years ago. Known officially as the C3801, the 38′ Duck is powered by twin Mercury Racing 400 outboards and features an open-cockpit seating configuration that company owner John Cosker describes as “a little bit different.” The cockpit of the C3800 is versatile—it can be built with an “open arrangement” with a flip-down lounge seat, or the traditional “two plus four” arrangement.

Now the second boat out of the mold (the C3802) has emerged from the paint booth, it will be rigged and offered for sale out through Mystic’s factory in DeLand, FL, by December. Aside from having a much different paint scheme than the first boat, this second C3800 features the traditional “two plus four” seating arrangement. According to Mystic sales and marketing manager Greg Weber, boat #2 will help Mystic show potential buyers what the C3800 looks like with both layout styles.

Meanwhile, boats #3 and #4 are currently in production, and Mystic currently has orders for eight of these C3800s.

(An artist’s rendering of the C3802, seen below, details the paint scheme. However, this rendering shows what the boat would look like with the “open cockpit” arrangement; in actuality, it will feature the traditional “two plus four” seating configuration.)