Well it seems we shot a cannon of interest through the marine industry yesterday when we reached over nearly 250,000, yep that’s right a 1/4 of a million people with our engine rumors story. It even sparked contradicting stories from the rest of the industry in regards to our story. It kind of felt like an ABC news and FOX news debate where one party calls it one way and the other another.

So let’s read between the lines. We’ve been told by anonymous internals that testing has been done on the new higher horsepower engines in development. We welcome a quote and a story now claiming this is not true although the can of worms opens after that. Will we see new power options in Miami from various sources? We guarantee it, hands down with out a doubt. Will it be the next evolution of the current offering of the black outboard family be there? Possibly not, but like the iPhone 3, The iPhone 4 , 5, 6 and 7, the next models are always being developed and the future is exciting for boaters.  Remember when the speculation came about that the new Ford GT was only going to be a 6 Cylinder?  Maybe we wont see a new 450 or 500 outboards at the Miami Show, but what we do know … it’s coming and just maybe a different outboard engine builder will bring a bigger surprise.

So when you’re in Miami, we will again clarify there will be bigger, badder, new engines from many sources, guaranteed. If you’re one of the many frothing at the mouth for the evolution of some existing options hold on tight it might not be here today but when it lands we will be the first to tell you I told you so. Were we early? Maybe, but remember we broke the news to you about almost every other new power plant that has hit the boating market like the 1650, Goodwin’s 1850 and the 400 before they were released.