Once again, the scallywags of Lanier Partners have put on a stellar charity event. The Pirates of Lanier Poker Run kicked off on the “high seas” of Lake Lanier, with ~300 boats piling onto the water to enjoy the stunning weather and scenery. Powerboat Nation was on hand to support, and of course, enjoy the event:

Host John Woodruff yet again made everyone feel welcome and threw an all around amazing, fun, and noble event. While we are still waiting on the final numbers for the total raised at the event, we know that it will be a large number for the event’s charities. Local charities Camp Sunshine, Camp Twin Lakes and the Boys & Girls Club of Hall County will be the beneficiaries and they have you loyal powerboaters to thank.

Many familiar faces and boats were present, along with a whole gang of new oddballs and oddities on hand to have fun and support a great cause.

We were thrilled to be able to participate and look forward to next year. A special thanks to our PBN support team: J.W. Davis of davis4x4.com, Shane McFall, Jeff McFall, and of course Miss PBN’s Brittany!

We will have an update as soon as the numbers come in from our powerboating extraordinaire, helicopter ace pilot Mr. John Woodruff.

See all the photos here!