We all love power boating for many reasons. There’s the boating itself, high speeds, loud engines, unique designs and craftsmanship, and championship races. There’s also the great atmosphere surrounding any power boating event. Everyone’s out to have a great time with friends watching races, showing off boats, partying, and enjoying the outdoors like it should be. That’s why we were so excited to hear about the Northwest Powerboat Association’s announcement of a new boat race to take place in Richland, WA in 2016.

The boat race will take place the first weekend of June in Howard Amon Park. The park itself is a fantastic location with long sloping grass shores and plenty of shade for spectators to watch the races and visit with friends, while barbecuing and enjoying the summer weather. The race will include a broad range of boats from the expected smaller hydroplanes to bigger names such as Jimmy Shane and J. Michael Kelly. Plenty of racing action is planned with each boat class racing twice each day, making for up to 30 races each day. We can expect boats to fly across the water in excess of 170mph, making it a truly spectacular race.

We look forward to seeing what unfolds as we get closer to the date and we hope everyone will try to make it out there! This summer is shaping up to be a fantastic boating season!