Powerboat Nation continues to keep you abreast of what the heart and soul of a 2000+ horsepower engine from our friends at Goodwin Competition is based upon, the true engineering excellence of in house CNC billet manufacturing. Its not really that uncommon in the high end upper echelon of big power engine builders to use billet blocks and cylinder heads.

What is almost unheard of is a 100% billet aluminum supercharger intake manifold. While a fabricated intake manifold may seem like a logical choice they have no ability to survive the weight of the intercooler, supercharger, and induction system as the weight and vibration breaks and cracks them in no time flat.

So a cast aluminum intake could be another option but it leaves no ability to adjust size and shape angles as well as air flow requirements on demand of a single particular engines needs. These engine are not built as cookie cutters these engines are purpose built specific weapons of choice for the performance boating industries true “Top Guns”.

So after viewing one of these parts and literally drooling over the craftsmanship I had to have the details and Todd Goodwin was kind enough to share well some of the info but kept close to the cuff the stuff considered proprietary secrets.

Todd tell me about the intake manifold? What does it start out as aluminum wise and finish out as? Answer: A solid billet ingot of material starts at 194 lbs. & finishes at 25.34 lbs.

WOW Real solid solid billet right not cast? Yes.

The intake ports are HUGE what size ports are they? Well, it’s large enough for a soda can but that’s “Proprietary Info”.

Are they exclusive to your block design? Yes, exclusive to block & heads only.

Are they finished here in house? YES on our own 5 axis CNC machines.

Do you make any other style of just the supercharger version? We make a naturally aspirated version as well, we just haven’t applied it to the marine world yet. We have a different version for drag racing/ truck pulling that we have won several championships with.

Are there any water ports? Not in the intake manifold. The block & heads are fully water jacketed and is far superior over a cast water jacket because we can model & machine a perfect water jacket where as the casting process, there is core shift, cooling shift & pattern design constraints.

Is there a supercharger explosion or safety burst panel? Yes it does.

How much boost have you put through one of these intakes? We have pressure tested them to 100+ lbs. but only require 17.5 lbs to make 1800 horsepower!

Goodwin Competition really raises the bar in the performance boat world and while there are some running in boats right now. In the coming months PBN going to do what no one else can do and that will be to take all you you on some wild rides powered by Goodwin Competition! Stay tuned to PBN.