A great race weekend in Clearwater this past weekend. A feet of boats descended upon the west coast of Florida for the final race of the official 2014 season and the National Championships

Miss Geico cruised the course without any competition after Qatar suffered an engine failure and was not able to compete.

Some of the closest racing all year took place and some may have been just a little too close. Black Pearl took the National Championship in Manufacturer Production P3 B but only after some full contact action with 2nd Amendment. Both boats will be repaired and ready for the worlds in Key West.

The Superboat race got off to a interesting start with Spirit of Qatar, driver Ali Al-Neama and throttleman Billy Moore going over at the first turn of the very first lap. While standing on the pier the roll looked very bad but fortunately the boat landed on its bottom and both driver and throttleman were not injured. The boat looked to be in surprisingly good condition.

All season Team Stihl and Team Broadco have been battling on the course and this National Championship Race was no different. Grant Bruggermann and Chuck Broaddus with Team Broadco have really come together as a team and it showed. They were able to hold the boat strong all the way to and through the turns but just couldn’t pull enough speed out of the turns to take down the super strong 388 SKATER Stihl Racing with Mark Kowlaski and J. R Noble maintaining strong and consistent performance lap after lap.

Broadco ran so hard through the last turn they tore both skegs off the drives.
Team Hulk with Rob Nunziato and Dan Lawrence took an easy win in their Doug Wright. They got out front and just kept going leaving a huge gap off their stern to the second place boat.