U.S. Central Command has released new details about the Iranian seizure of two U.S. military boats. According to the latest update, the two Riverine Command Boats with their ten accompanying sailors drifted into Iranian waters due to engine trouble with the diesel engine on of the boats. As the first boat came to a halt due to the malfunction, the second boat also stopped to provide any necessary assistance.

“This stop occurred in Iranian territorial waters, although it’s not clear the crew was aware of their exact location,” CENTCOM said in a press release. “While the [U.S. boats] were stopped and the crew was attempting to evaluate the mechanical issue, Iranian boats approached the vessels.”

This latest account come in direct contradiction to the Iranian version that states that a “broken navigation” system had resulted in the boats ending up in Iranian waters.

After being taken at gunpoint and ferried to a small port facility on Farsi Island, the ten American Sailors were released after issuing an apology. According to Central Command there is no evidence that the men were harmed in any way and the boats appeared in good condition although they did discover that two SIM cards appeared to have been removed from the satellite phones.

Updates will keep coming shortly.