The enormous size of the Lake Cumberland Poker Run speaks volumes about the state of the performance boating industry today as well as the community that enjoys it all. With well over a thousand boats and easily 7,000+ attendees, it’s safe to say, “WE SAW IT ALL!”  It’s impossible to describe the sheer size of the raft up so we dedicated our time each day to capturing as much footage as possible so that we can at least give you a small glimpse at what is without a doubt the event of the year!

We stopped and flew the drone to capture some amazing overhead shots,  and we actually ended up flying the unit so far out of range trying to capture it all that it auto returned home to us. There are no words to explain the unreal size of the gathering of boats. The vibe and enthusiasm and excitement that exists at the Lake Cumberland Poker Run can hardly be duplicated anywhere! It was an absolute pleasure to be in attendance and spend this weekend those that truly share our passion for boating.

We are here to tell you on the record that this is a bucket list destination for any true powerboater!