YES! We are laying claim that ourselves along with Performance Boat Center and the Sunsation Powerboats crew have just pulled off what will be this years biggest outdoor bash.

With a ton of logistical support, we had an entire barge floated into the middle of what could be called a house boat village, although its size truly accounts for a city. The barge was then loaded with hundreds of strobe lights and racks of concert hall grade speaker systems. Next we brought in the best DJ from hours away to insure that we were prepared for what turned out to be an insanely fun and off-the-hook party. From dusk until 3 a.m. the place rocked with over 2,000 people and showed that when it comes to events, Powerboat Nation DOMINATES.

Others show up and try to cover events on occasion, but when it comes to doing the big boys’ work, we create and deliver the events of the year to our friends and fans. You be the judge! Make sure to browse through our extensive on the scene coverage of the run including load of photos and video. If you miss next year’s event then shame on you because we just got our feet wet and we are gonna raise the bar to an even more epic scale. So mark your calendar for 2017 at Lake Cumberland because I guarantee you have never seen anything like what we are going to do!