Warm weather, flat water, and clear skies made for a perfect 2015 Florida Powerboat Clubs Key West Poker Run. This year we started from the Haulover Marina in North Miami, Florida. After pulling aside the FPC Head Honcho, Stu Jones, and getting the day’s agenda we grabbed our cameras and gear and made sure everything was running smoothly, the last of our crew boarded quickly and we were off. With nothing but anticipation for the day’s coming events we made our way out of the marina with the other boaters getting ready to run the length to Key West. We headed over to the staging area, taking in the spectacular sights of monstrous cats and sleek v-bottoms lining up to slide through the glassy water.

A mile or two out, we gathered as a group at the edge of the harbor in order to make the run a collective showing as we snapped picture after picture and ran constant video, capturing the elite boats in their natural state. You could feel the excitement in the air as crews prepared to let loose and push the throttle forward and leave everything behind in a churning, frothy cauldron of sea. Passing under the last bridge the roar of the engines was enough to send tingles down even the oldest boater’s back like he were a kid at his first poker run. Leading the pack, Stu Jones and the Cigarette 39 GTS in which he rode made their way into the calm waters offshore, as we shot ahead quickly in order to hopefully establish a vantage point from which we could film all of the boats flying past.

What happened next was nothing short of life changing. Boat after boat, left and right, opened their throttles wide, getting up on plane and then surging forward like races horses out of the gate! Cigarettes, Skaters, Sunsations, and every craft imaginable shot past at high speed leaving only the noise of its engines and wake to prove its existence. It was all over in less than 5 minutes as every boat was skimming towards Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo for the traditional mid trip lunch. We quickly packed away our gear, pointed the bow towards Key Largo, and began our own trip to lunch.

It was clear that the 2015 Annual Key West Poker Run shaped up to be the one of the best runs yet. We hope to see everyone again next year and eagerly await to see the new faces that it brings. Now, hit play and let’s hit the water!