Dick Boyer, designer of the latest engine blocks offerings from World Products has delivered some interesting insight in regards to “Deck Wave” on the blocks his company offers. When looking for a new engine block, this may not be something you would think to consider, but it’s importance should not be overlooked.

But just how do you check wave finish? “We lay a granite plate with 300-grit sandpaper on the deck of the block and stroke it five times front to rear—you’ll see the high spots, you’ll see the wave, which we measure with an indicator.” says Boyer. World Products aims to limit variations in the wave depth to just 0.001″. Use of profilometer is helpful in measuring faults in the surface but what would be the point of having a beautifully smooth surface with a potentially threatening wave depth of 0.002″ or 0.003″? “Some builders probably put too much emphasis on profilometer readings and maybe not enough on surface flatness.” continued Boyer.

Having waves with depths greater than 0.002” can create sealing problems, and we’re glad to hear that world products is on the forefront of maintains proper sealing surfaces on all their products.