2015 has already been a busy boating year and the entire month of April has been non-stop for the entire team at PowerBoatNation. We area set and ready to end the month with the TickFaw 200. The Tickfaw 200 is an absolutely fabulous run and we are ready to make it one to remember. If you are around Southern Louisiana you need to come by and if TickFaw is not in your plans then your really missing out.

This year Powerboat Nation has teamed up with SunBuns and we are ready to bring you a Party that as well cant be missed. SunBuns has undergone a renovation and is the place to be.

On Friday 1 May we are going to bring out the Powerboat Nation Girls who will be giving away T Shirts and other Sway donated by Go Fast Threads, Sunbuns, and Powerboat Nation. Lookout for a Bikini Showcase and some other craziness that will end up being one great time! Ready for bold statements. NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE brings you what we do. Boating Parties like this are only possible from the collaboration of our friends, family, and partners and this party is set to be a real one with boats and everything. What else could you expect from a Powerboating Website!

We are also excited about the waterbird that we just learned will be on hand for us to fly high above and shoot some video of the entire run.