2nd Amendment Team Retires Spectre, Looks for New Boat

2nd Amendment Team Retires Spectre, Looks for New Boat

The World Champion 2nd Amendment team: driver Karl Steger, owner Joe Vaughn and throttleman Neil Wobbe.

Karl Steger, driver of the award-winning 36′ Spectre 2nd Amendment offshore competitor in Super Boat International‘s Production 3 class, has confirmed that the boat has been retired and that the team will be a no-show at the SBI World Finals in Key West this year. According to Steger, the 2nd Amendment team decided to sit out the season and save up for a new boat.

For a team that was on the top of all the National and World Champion lists for the last couple of years, 2018 got off to disappointing start when the team showed up for the first SBI race of the year and then opted not to participate. “We did take the boat to Cocoa Beach but decided not to race because of the sea conditions,” Steger says. “That’s part of what led to the decision to retire the boat. It’s an open-top boat. We’d picked up our triple-crown trophy, and we just thought, ‘What more do we have to prove before we hurt ourselves?’ We don’t want to go out there and get hurt.”

Steger says the original plan was to do one or two appearances this year, but now the plan is to save their money while looking for a new boat. “Hopefully we’ll be back next year in a different boat, in a different class,” he says. “It’ll be a cat, but we want to be different. We’ve looked at quite a few different models, and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.” He adds: “We’re anxious to get back in a boat, that’s for sure.”

Steger, of Fenton, MO, drove the boat with throttleman Neil Wobbe of St. Charles, MO. The boat is owned by .Joe Vaughn.