The new 318 SKATER just hit the water at Lake Winnebago near the Mercury Racing plant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and blasted to a 110 MPH right out of the box.  Skaters sales and marketing guy Tony Custuries knew right away that they needed more propeller.

A few weeks ago while at Skater Tony let us know that Mercury was building some new prototype five-blade  props with 14-1/2-inch-diameter, 33-inch-pitch cleavers and everyone was anxious to take the boat to Mercury Racing for testing.

Today’s tests gave them a lot of data and it looks like they are going to need some 34- or 35-inch pitch Bravo props so they can go out again and move the needle up.

Beyond the speed numbers the big take away from today’s testing was how well this 31ft 8 inch boat with a 61 1/2 tunnel handled and ran.  This new Skater is sure to be a winner all the way around….

UPDATE 9/22 @ 5PM: Latest test run reaches 114MPH: