By now you all know we have been intimately involved in the concept, planning, build, and final delivery of Chris and Angela Bradleys 1950 HP Goodwin Competition 388 Skater.  Since the delivery I have been able to get a little seat time running and while we haven’t pushed beyond 170 MPH (yet) we have had lots of time just boating around and having fun.

At the dock the boat is getting rave reviews, everyone who sees it loves it!  The paint, the interior, the absolutely over the top engines spilling out of the back are hard to miss.  The really cool and interesting thing is how well the boat is being received by everyone who sees it.  Many observers have stated how they like how tasteful and well done the appearance of this boat is and how striking it is on the water.   So far it really has been a home run as the boat has preformed incredibly well.  The Goodwin 1950 Semi Hemi Engines are truly a work of art and have proven to indescribable as the only way to understand them is to run them.   The boat starts, runs, shifts, docks, and most of all accelerates into the horizon like no other!

To be completely transparent we have had some issues but they are all related to  power supply and alternator issues which when you consider the complexity of this build are pretty minor.

Check out the video and pictures and of course we will have more to come later on this incredible boat.