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Fast Powerboats has been a world dominated by men for years and now an incredibly courageous and ambitious  lady. Summer Richardson drives and throttles her 388 SKATER with 1800 HP Carson Brummett power.  Summer has worked her way up following in her fathers footsteps who is a a great inspiration and force in her life.  Powerboat Nation had the opportunity to chat with Shootout Queen Summer Richardson of Swoop Motorsports as she prepared to run her Dial 911 Skater all my herself in the shootout at LOTO.

Thanks to Travis and Summer Richardson for Providing on boat footage of Summer’s run.

DCB had great representation at the LOTO Shootut this year, but  Mrs. Swoop,  Summer Richardson, who owns Swoop Motorsports and My Garage App, ran the props off her F32 DCB rigged with TCM 1,050 HP engines stole the show. Summer has already earned the title “Queen of the Desert” after she made an 143 MPH run at the Desert Storm Poker Run in April. In her first time at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, she made several runs, beating her own marks from Desert Storm Twice with runs on 146 MPH and 147 MPH respectively. Although she didn’t take home any titles, she put out a warning call as a force to be reckoned with.  Mrs. Swoop can back up all the talk.  She runs the boat all alone!  From the dock to the race course, through the maze of boats and back.  In fact she even works on this beauty herself to keep it in top shape.  While her runs didn’t bring an official title we are giving her the title of Fastest solo woman in offshore!  We sat down for a minute to chat with Summer and she gave us the run down on her boat and her speed runs.

The Swoop Motorsports team is bringing the power and speed to Desert Storm and LOTO for 2016! Bringing the big guns to this year’s events, Travis and Summer Richardson will be bringing their high performance DCB F-32 as well as their family’s 388 Skater “Dial 911” to the water in hopes of putting on an awesome show for the spectators while still having a blast themselves.

Planning on releasing their new top-of-the-line website and performance boating product line and apparel at Desert Storm in Lake Havasu City, the Richardsons knew they had to do something out of this world to bring it home. Summer a.k.a. Mrs. Swoop decided to approach her parents Don and Connie London (owner of the Dial 911 Skater) about running the 3600 HP Skater in this years shootouts.

After much consideration over safety issues and the like, Don and Connie agreed to let Summer take it out. With Summer in the Skater it was an easy decision for her dad, Don, to join the team as crew chief since he boasts a storied history of drag boat racing and performance boating since the 1980’s. With unparalleled mechanical knowledge and driving skills he will undoubtedly be the best person for the job.

Don and Travis started modifications to the Skater in lake January, in order to make the Skater better suited to Summer. They replaced the BAM transmissions with Velvet transmissions to handle the 3600 HP on the starting line, also adjusting the throttles, trim indicators, and drivers seat to better fit Summer’s body. Using PCI Race Radios, Summer and her team will be in constant communication for the entirety of the event.

Summer is no novice to speed however. In 2015 she took the Swoop Motorsports DCB F-32 to 143 MPH at Desert Storm and then to an even better 147 MPH at LOTO! While the “Dial 911” Skater is easily capable of posting speeds in excess of 200 MPH, Summer is looking to make safe runs and stay relatively within her comfort zone. The team completed their first test run in February and reported that it went flawlessly, with Summer taking the monster Skater from 40 MPH all the way to 165 MPH with ease.

Looking to put on a great show and build recognition for the sport and more importantly woman drivers, make sure you look for the Swoop Motorsports Team at the Desert Storm street show Thursday night in Lake Havasu where they will be showing off their amazing powerboats for everyone to see!

The grand champion of last year’s Desert Storm Shootout, Team Farnsworth’s Low Altitude, outdid even themselves this year with a brand new record run on Sunday to start off an amazing boating.

After a scrapped competition on Saturday due to less than ideal weather conditions that saw high winds, white caps, and even rain, most of the competitors regrouped on Sunday with renewed fervor to take the crown of shootout king.

Low Altitude, with driver Robbie Willis and throttleman Chris Kissinger, took full advantage of Saturday’s improved weather conditions and topped their previous record of 182mph with an outstanding 183mph pass on the Lake Havasu course.

The twin turbine, 50-foot powerhouse was followed closely behind by Gary Smith in his 40-foot Skater, Predator, who ran an impressive 181mph, and 3rd place was taken by Summer “Mrs. Swoop” Richardson running the Swoop Motorsports Dial 911 Skater for the first time in an event, hitting 176mph. Summer had previously ran a DCB F32 at the LOTO Shootout.


Together those three lead the shootout but were followed closely by a bevy of DCB Racing boats who’s presence was hard to miss this year with nearly 25% of all competitors racing one of their M-series widebody crafts.

All in all a fantastic showing this year and another victory notch for Team Farnsworth. We’re looking forward to the coming events this year to see who can challenge the King!

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