The Coast Guard has officially suspended its search for a possible sinking sailboat Monday off the Isles of Shoals.

The distress call, which came in Sunday night and identified a craft named the Whiskey Rose as a sailboat rapidly taking on water, was cut off before being able to give a location. Coast Guard vessels from New Hampshire and air search teams from Cape Cod were sent out yet were unable to find the vessel after searching hundreds of square miles over a sixteen hour period.

The search was suspended yesterday after it was discovered that there is no record of any vessel by that name, nor any information about missing crew members.

There are ultimately three different possible scenarios at this point. The call could have been a hoax. The boat could be a newly sold boat that was not yet registered and therefore it could have possibly sank that night. Or the boat will make it to port shortly and the proper channels will be notified to conclude the open investigation.