DCB is preparing to let loose yet another one of their top-of-the-line, high performance powerboats next week. Just in time for Desert Storm 2016, DCB will be completing delivery of their newest M35 to come out of production to its lucky new owner next week!

There’s nothing like finally getting the dream boat you’ve always wanted, and we can only imagine what that must feel like when you get to take the control in a wickedly fast DCB Widebody. The new owner out of Newport Beach can officially end his sixteen year wait to get his dream boat. He said the time is right and he had the opportunity to finally pull the trigger, which was an easy decision after seeing what DCB has been producing lately.

Just in time for Desert Storm 2016, the boat will be at Lake Havasu on the DCB docks at the Nautical Inn in preparation for the massive West Coast event. Always keeping the customer’s need at the forefront, head of customer service, Tony Chiaramonte will be accompanying the new captain on the iconic poker run, which will mark the boat’s true maiden voyage. He will also be taking the Tres Martin course in Lake Havasu this week as well to prepare for the run and general boating in his new monster of a boat.

After approximately six months in production, initial testing on Lake Elsinore went great according to Jeff Johnston from DCB. He said they ran it up to 160 MPH before quickly running out of room, and that the boat will run comfortably in the low-to-mid 170’s. In true DCB fashion, the interior is fully custom with 100% Alcantara as well as specialty diamonds CNC cut into the carpet kit.

Another stunning performance boat by DCB, we’re truly happy to see her delivered and can’t wait to see her running at Desert Storm and other events around the nation!