DCB continues to exceed goals this year with the production and performance of their new M33R line.

As DCB continues its model expansion with the new M33R Widebody they fill yet another hot spot in the powerboating market. The new M33R Widebody weighs in at just 5,000 pounds with it’s twin Mercury 400R’s which just recently psughed the latest boat to 120mph over the weekend.

DCB is a very goal driven brand, and their expectations that go beyond just fit and finish have raised the bar for much of the industry. Meeting the team’s performance goal topped off yet another huge success to a spectacular build.

This particular model starts at $389,500, and a tour through the build shown here displays the impeccable craftsmanship that went into the development of this new boat. If you’re one of so many in the market for a high quality performance cat then there’s no missing the fact that the massive strides DCB is making in the outboard cat sector has them a must see choice.