We continue to follow what might be the most elaborate recreation of a Powerboat this year.  Dale Rayzor literally had Skater Powerboats take his hugely successful blisteringly fast Sterndrive powered catamaran down to its basic bones and recreate what will surely be yet another trend setting innovation from Skater.

As Paul Pena of Skater finished the hull, many body modifications were done to get the boat ready for its trip to paint, where Dale’s vision for the project would be seen out.  The design ideas were inspired by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsports F1 Racing Teams cars.

Working with Dale’s inspiration and design parameters, Thomas Kulesia of No Coast Design started transforming those ideas into what will become more of a one off abstract moving piece of art than just another “industry first” innovative design. The collaborative Design process involved lots of subtle changes and adjustments.  Thomas and Dale obsessed over revision after revision in order to get to the Ultimate goal of a DESIGN THAT MOVES…

Ultimately the success of the design relies on the team at Boat Customs in Caledonia, MI and industry leader Chris Mills to handle the task of taking the concept to reality.

Dales expectations were so unique that they literally mixed a custom color to find just the right hue of green which now at the shop is coined “Razor Green” . The brilliant color would be matched with two more European colors from Ferrari which were the silver and grey base coats over the gloss black.

Boat Customs used a P shades program and spent over 150 hours laying down the custom finishes through six masks, ten drop layers equating to shooting over 60 different processes of laying paint on to this boat before applying 4 deep coats of Sikens aerospace clear to the finish before spending an entire week color sanding and polishing. The whole process takes 5 weeks to finish and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished product!