The Senate has only recently approved changes to Georgia’s boating laws, defining the difference between “boating under the influence” and “floating under the influence” as well as making a move towards officially legalizing the latter.

There are a few stipulations but nothing that us boaters can’t handle. House Bill 172 will allow adults to drink alcoholic beverages while floating on the water as long as their raft doesn’t have a motor and they stay within 100 feet from the shore on a lake, pond, or other non-flowing body of water.

Sponsored and submitted by State Rep. Eddie Lumsden, R-Armuchee, he defined the bill as something designating the difference between a long-treasured Georgia pastime and the well known act of boating under the influence.

The bill passed with a 49-1 vote but will need to go by the Senate one more time before becoming official. So grab your beers and everything else you can think of and hit the water without worrying when the cops will show up!