Interview: Randy Scism of MTI

Interview: Randy Scism of MTI

Marine Technology Inc. of Wentzville, MO, is “running wide open,” according to company president Randy Scism. We caught up with MTI’s head honcho to ask about the firm’s latest activities, successes and what’s next for the muscleboat builder.

Powerboat Nation: Performance Boat Center will be campaigning one of your boats on the Super Boat International circuit next year. Tell us about that.

Randy Scism: They have ordered a new 42′ MTI race boat, which will run the 750 engines from Sterling Performance. We’re going to make a couple of changes that we’ve been talking about for a while, and they’re game to try it. I hope it will be the “next generation,” of our race boats, with the performance and the safety that we’re looking for. And since Performance Boat Center is carrying our brand, I know they’re excited to “race what they sell.” I think that was a big part of their push. In any case, we’re super excited to work with them because they’re an A class team.

PBN: The economy is going gangbusters, and MTI seems to be selling a lot of boats. 

RS: We’re just running wide open. The center console market’s on fire, the cat market’s on fire and the outboard market’s on fire. We’re trying to grow as quickly as we can and keep everything together. It’s been really, really good for us. The outboard segment is truly amazing. I think we’re on number 26 already. They are a great entry boat without all the headaches and stuff that people have had with big boats and big motors. So it gives a got a great place to start, and even some of our big-boat guys are going that route because they’re so user-friendly.

PBN: What are the next big events for MTI?

RS: We’ll go down to Key West with everybody else, but our next big event will be in March after the Miami International Boat Show. It’s our MTI Fun Run with our customers, so it’ll be lots of good people having good times.

PBN: MTI owners made a very nice showing at the recent Lake Powell Challenge.

RS: We had a nice time there. It’s a really cool place to boat if you haven’t been there before. What a difference from the boating we’re used to. And the scenery! It was just wild. It was also the most boating I’ve ever done at a poker run—we did like 220 miles the first day, 160 miles the second day and 140 miles the third day. 

PBN: Which models did you run in?

RS: I was in a 48′ cat and we also had our 42′ vee bottom there with a bunch of people in it. Then we brought a 34′ as well. So we kind of jumped around from boat to boat.