For the PBN team life just keeps presenting coincidences, one right after another. While we were in Sunny Southern California today at NBC Studios discussing some incredible new project opportunities we were tipped by our good friend Brett at BBlades that Jimmy Kimmel has a new 30′ SKATER Catamaran on order. While it turns out not to be the late night TV Show host, in our eyes the boat is going to a guy that maybe just as colorful, interesting, and full of life.

Jim and Sue Kimmel are a passionate boating family and not newbies to the sport. They have had a fleet of performance boats in their past and one thing is for sure, Jim knows exactly what he wanted when it comes to performance because he is a purebred Motorsports aficionado at heart.

This new 30′ Skater will debut at the Miami Boat Show in just weeks and will sport Mercury Racing 300xs Outboards rigged with some highly tuned weapons, I mean props from the folks at BBlades.14.75×31’s Blaster Propellers. When it comes to getting maximum performance from an application no one is better than BBlades.

Jim has asked Skater to add a number of custom touches with the instrumentation and the appointments, but we are not ready to let the cat out of the bag (no pun intended) before the Miami unveiling. We will bring you all the latest details soon and one thing is for sure Skater will be one of the hottest attractions in Miami other than the PBN Party in Miami Beach.