Since 2001 Powerboating in Sarasota on New Years Day has been something to do thanks to Offshore Powerboat Racer Ryan Beckley and a big group of his friends. Following the loss of our dear friend Joey Gratton in 2011 the 2012 run was renamed to the Joey Gratton Memorial Run and the numbers continue to grow and grow making this a very large powerboating event that has become the thing to do for so many of us on new years.

This year 82 boats were at the run and it was a great time. Really fun with no stress, no hassles, no great expense and no whining. For many the run was more than just one day of boating it was many days of boating leading up to New Years Day and after. Boaters came in days ahead of New Years to spend quality time running the waters around Sarasota leading up to the New Years day run and then the day after to participate in the Fort Myers Boat Club Run a few miles to the south.

I have been on this run since 2006 with and without the PBN CIGARETTE. This year Chris Ryder along with Angela Marie were kind enough to let me ride along in Chris’s 36 SKATER which gave us a great ride up front of the pack of boats

Powerboat Nation OG’s Joseph Celello with Amy Lee, Brian Manning with Angela Odom Higgs, and many more of our loyal and authentic powerboating friends were on the water together to kick off what is going to be a great 2016…


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