While LED position indicator technology has been around for a couple of years until now the cost was steep. Thanks to Mayfair and a significant investment in electronics technology the cost of these systems now rivals that of old cable driven systems. LED electronic technology eliminates the need for old school mechanical cables which have been the main method used for years. The downfall of cables has been deterioration in corrosive environments and the huge issue of replacement. That compiled with the slack caused by cables has lead an industry to settle for just “close enough” as the measurement we have lived with, but no longer!

The Mayfair by Hardin Marine LED indicators allows the old system of mechanical cables to be replaced by more reliable wiring that allows for easier installation into existing trim tab and drive position sensors. Best of all is Mayfair has designed numerous retro-fit systems allowing the conversion of earlier mechanical outdrive trim or trim tab sensors for a one stop solution.

Mayfair designed these units to be NEMA 2000 RX + TX compatible, Smartcraft with Gateway compatible, and offers these units for both trim tab as well trim and outdrive applications in a array of color options.