The entire team at Performance Boat Center is ready for a winning Key West performance this year. Performance Boat Center owner Brett Manire, called yesterday to proclaim everyone’s enthusiasm for the debut of their brand new 388 SKATER RACE BOAT.

This unique four seat 388 is fast! Team Throttleman Myrick Coil, along with Lance Sutton behind the wheel, have logged tons of hours in testing and know they have a winner. The Team has reported the boat has run flawlessly, and they have great expectations for the big debut.

Performance Boat Center Race Boat also got a new sponsor from none other than Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop. Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of the gourmet sandwich shops is a long time, avid performance boat enthusiast who just happens to own a very fast 388 Pleasure Skater.

Performance Boat Center remains in the far fast lane, bringing a whole new level of support, enthusiasm, and professionalism to the wold of performance boating. We are all excited to see this new 388 run in Key West, and you can count on Powerboat Nation to bring you all the news and updates from our VIP race viewing venue, The Presidents Suite, at the Ocean Key  Resort, the absolute best race watching venue in Key West.

Photo Credit: Brad Glidewell / Performance Boat Center