At ​Powerboat Nation ​we are relentless in our efforts to reward all of you that provide so much support to making PBN the greatest Powerboating community worldwide. Since our inception, giving back has been our goal and when we can team up with supporters that believe in what we do and pass along real tangible member rewards, well it’s a home run for all of us.

We recognize the world is full of media choices and recognize that to be at the heart and soul of it all you have to have feet on the ground that are participating at events, developing unique editorial content, building the largest new video offerings anywhere.

Were extremely proud to be bringing the powerboating world to the masses through National Media outlets like MTV, ABC, and very soon you will see us on NBC…

Recognizing economics is a key to the success of powerboating and how fuel plays one of the biggest roles in those economics. As a huge fan of what were doing the PILOT FLYING J has partnered with us to support Powerboat Nation members through FUEL DISCOUNTS to help make things just a little easier for our members.

Swipe your Preferred Powerboat Nation Pilot Flying J Card and get .03 off gas and .05 off diesel.   While three or five cents may not seem like a lot you know how much hauler and boat fuel we burn a small savings can add up to a good chunk of change.  Your Pilot Flying J card can also be used to get additional discounts on food and other items at Flying J travel centers across the country.

How do you get one?

Simple;  Every new charter member, renewal member, and apparel purchase will be sent a card.

If you aren’t a PBN Charter member yet start here!

Just another example of how Powerboat Nation does something for our members!