Tony Cutsuries has announced that Skater is well underway in the development of their brand new outboard powered v-bottom.

Now offering to build these boats to spec for owners, this new design is based on the 399, but the 41-foot boat has been completely modified using what the team learned from the new 478 as a reference.

Tony confirmed that the first hull is now out of the mold and ready for decking and then eventually rigging. The boat is going to be offered with twin or triple Verado 400R outboards but as we all agree, triples would made for an entirely different experience.

Skater has also designed this boat without a full cabin, which drastically reduces the overall weight of the boat making it extremely light. According to Tony this will allow the boat to easily run past 100mph with ease and even reach speeds of up to 110mph.

While retail pricing hasn’t been set yet, stay up to date with this craft as it is sure to be an instant hit with any performance boater looking for something a new and unique!

(Featured Image Courtesy of Skater Powerboats)