Last weekend marked the occasion of the fifth Skaterfest for all of the loyal Skater Powerboats owners that could make it out – and there were a lot. Few are more devout than Skater owners; there’s a reason they take a page out of our book and call themselves the Skater Nation: these guys are truly passionate about their hobby and just committed to having a good time. Nearly 25 Skater and over 120 attendees graced the waters of Lake St. Clair, Michigan for the run. Skater Powerboats founder Peter Hledin and wife Maria were on hand for the event, as well as Devin Wozencraft of Wozencraft Insurance and a host of other well-known powerboating community members. Wozencraft noted the intimate, down-to-earth nature of the event, saying you could really get to know people beyond the small talk you can manage to slip in at larger events. He praised the course of the run itself, saying that “half of the time we were boating between the U.S. and Canada in many narrow spots, which was pretty cool…Our mobile phones occasionally picked up the Canadian cell phone network.” Chip Miller of Miller Marina scoped out the sky with his drone to bring you the aerial snapshots you see below.

Overall, we’re not surprised that this Skaterfest was another success but we’ll always be impressed at the loyalty Skater nation brings to the table. We can see it’s for good reason. Put this one on your bucket run list if it’s not already which of course means you need to be a SKATER owner!