The final stages of the next Platinum Edition 388 coming from Skater Powerboats are underway. This 388 has returned from paint at TOAD and the rigging process begins. Fitment of the 1850 Goodwin Competition engines, hanging the drives, dash layout, and design and construction of the custom interior are all in the works.

This boat is similar to Bill Pyburn Jr.’s Pure Platinum with a few differences. The cockpit is six inches wider and six inches shorter. The rear bulkhead has been moved six inches forward to reduce back seat wind and add space to the engine room. Center Steps will split the back seat for easy access and the cockpit arrangement will include side consoles in addition to a reconfigured center console. A single forward hatch on the deck allows for one large access to the area below, which will have a similar fit and finish as the cockpit as well as provide a chaise lounger style backrest with removable pads for the ladies.

The boat will have some unique styling cues and a variety of subtle changes that will make it unique. The pictures give you a little glimpse of the paint but you will just have to wait for the full reveal. It is going to be cool and, of course, with 3700 horsepower on tap, power and speed should not be an issue.