While most yachts are associated with the bevy of giants cabin cruisers found in harbors along the coast of Florida and the like, the latest outlier takes the form of a fully remodeled and revamped supply ship essentially converted into a floating piggy bank.

The Kilkea is currently sitting in a shipyard getting ready for its luxury makeover that will completely transform the ship from the shell of a freighter that it is now, to a full fledged super yacht.


The 269-foot freighter will be able to accommodate 36 guests, and when fully stocked it will be able to stay out at sea for up to 30 days at a time, making it possible for the passengers and crew adventure further than other yachts can even dream of. The addition of an on-board helicopter is just the cherry on top.

The yacht’s designers are claiming to be able to engineer the vessel to be more environmentally friendly with lower fuel consumption requirements which will also add to the range the yacht is capable of.

We’re looking forward to seeing the progress these coming months as she undergoes her transformation.