If you’re looking for marine exhaust muffler or a silencer system then you’re obviously aiming to make your boat quieter. There are many options available for any boater ranging from insert style mufflers to clamp mufflers. Whatever your need, there’s an easy solution.

When it comes to mufflers they have a single purpose, to disrupt and disperse the sound waves as they travel from the engine through the body of the muffler. Take it one step beyond this simple principle and you’re looking at how to diminish the sound while still maintaining both the engine power and the reliability of the muffler itself. Typically, when you’ve got a muffler that performs well but doesn’t diminish the power of your engine, you’re looking at a well tuned drop of 10-12dB. As expected, when you increase the horsepower this becomes more of a challenge and you are required to go with a larger muffler in order to provide better exhaust flow without reducing power.

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