What can I say that I have not said before. The biggest, The best, The most fun, The most charming….Covering just over 200 miles of boating over two days with outstanding stops at fun venues with great food and charming gracious people. The Tickfaw 200 is something that can only be experienced to really understand just how significant it is.

How many boats? Well they sold over 340 hands and some boats did have more than one so the best guess is 400 boats because some of the boats didn’t buy any hands and there were performance boats everywhere.

Big powerful brand new Skaters to some old one off single engine performance boats and everything else in between.

The rock concert atmosphere in the Camp at Blood River Landing and the non stop action everywhere makes the TICKFAW 200 something that the only way you will know is if you attend. Next year you can count on some even bigger fun. I have a plan and I am going back with a fleet of PowerBoatNation Boats to ply the waters all around New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain, and back up to the Blood River! This is really gonna be great!