When you build a SKATER it usually ends up being custom. The Chris Bradley “RainMaker” 388 Platinum Edition Skater build is well underway and just last week the team was together at Skater to review some of the final details before the placement of equipment begins with drilling holes and cutting out the fiberglass.

A Skater build is always different and unique and this is why you will never find two Skaters exactly alike. With this build the center console is being specially cut and modified, a new integrated hatch scoop design will be incorporated, the seat placement will be customized to the owner, and a long list of other cool things that I will not tell anyone about until we reveal this boat.

The Goodwin Performance Engines are being fitted and all the last minute details coming together. Jamie Borg is handling the integrate interior design and installation and Hardin Marine is building some one off hardware that will blow your mind. The full view of the design and final paint from TAOD, The Art of Design, will just have to wait as well but I will tell you it’s new, different and amazing.

Standby for the big surprises. This is going to be fast, loud, and the ultimate performance pleasure boat.