For 11 Years the Desert Storm Poker Run has marked the start of the boating season for the West Coast Crews and it is a great way to get back to boating every year. I always enjoy the opportunity to go to Havasu at least once a year to run the river and get caught up on whats happening west. After doing boat schools with Tres I didn’t think I would stick around for the run, but a last minute opportunity to ride…drive/throttle….the new 44 Mystic in the poker run I decided to stick around.

At the drivers meeting event organizer Jim Nichols told us they broke a record with 175 registered boats. They did a great job separating the boats because it was the least congested Desert Storm Poker I have ever done. The separation of the boat groups and long delays between group starts really thinned out the large fleet of boats.

A great time. The start was the usual boat parade through the channel and under the bridge. A long wait for our start boat and then a easy run down the lake to the first card stop hosted by Wozencraft near the dam. The rest of the day was really just running around the lake and up river to Pirates Cove for Lunch.

Part of the great value to Desert Storm is to honor our active duty military. We were fortunate to be able to host a Young Marine on board the Mystic. James a a Recon Sniper Scout from Camp Pendleton is a fine example of the dedicated and patriotic youth of today who defend our country, our freedoms, our rights and our pride of AMERICA! We were all honored to have him aboard with us.